Roxanne Porozinski of The Permanent Aesthetics Group is dedicated to promoting the most advanced techniques in permanent aesthetics, and paramedical aesthetics for both men and women. 

Roxanne's unparalleled expertise with the latest FDA-approved equipment and products provide a wide range of rejuvenating, therapeutic, and esthetic treatments under one roof. 

Roxanne works in conjunction with Cosmetic surgeons and The Medical Community to obtain the best results in corrective and reconstructive procedures such as simulating areolas post reconstructive breast surgeries resulting from Breast Cancer, lip correction post cleft lip surgeries, Scar Camouflage due to all  varieties of surgeries. 

Procedures on previous work or follow-ups are considered correction work because all pigments fade into the base tone of the pigment previously applied, and modifying pigments must be used to correct it.  Also the shape of the original work may need to be modified.  This may take more than one appointment and is charged appropriately.